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About us:

Family owned , small flexible company.


Our company has years of experience in the manufacturing process, application of new technologies and innovation. Our in-house development team has knowledge and expertise in applying those technologies in the process which has driven our company to become recognised  market leader for a number of decades. We are capable of designing and manufacturing a product from the prototype stage to the finished product stage which we can offer to our all customers. We can provide and support a know-how solutions for our entire product range starting from the inception phase to the final realisation phase - maintaining product life-cycle along the way. We can provide our customers with the tooling design and solutions, manufacturing plant with supplementary equipment and raw materials used in our manufacturing process. In addition we are willing to offer our automated manufacturing process expertise, know-how technology and product and process design. Our ultimate goal is to obtain 100% of customer satisfaction in every product we make and service we provide.

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